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Flexcharge controllers are in use in many parts of the world by some very interesting people.  From Antarctica to Alaska, China to United Arab Emirates, South American jungles to Africa, Mt. Everest to the Drifting Icebergs.  Follow these links for interesting photos, descriptions and links. We've just started adding information to this site so come back often for new links.



Real-time data gathering (Telemetry) buoys.  See more at the link below.  





Solar in Antarctica? NASA is using Flexcharge combination Charge and Load controllers to regulate and control the power generated by a Solar and Wind system. The system is powering GPS Based Earth Plate Movement Telemetry Sites over portions of Antarctica.

Selected Photos from Antarctica


 When a controller is installed at the bottom of the world it   better be good.  Flexcharge is used extensively in Antarctica because they do a great job.



The bottom picture is an equipment box that is sealed and left on site for a year at a time.  Note the Flexcharge controller.  The gray box near the center of the red mounting board.


 5/7/2010  Hi Don:

Thank you so much for making this happen for us and putting it together so quickly!  Much appreciated!  Below is the news release for the project that your equipment is going on it is a very high profile and interesting one!  Enjoy!


UNAVCO, 6350 Nautilus Drive, Boulder, CO  


School entrance solar sign using Flexcharge components for the charge control and sign operation.  Timer and PV14



 Another Antarctic user of our products is working out of Australia.  They have used many of our controllers successfully over the years and their work continues.  A few pictures taken in 2012 in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica are below.   It takes a tough controller to work in this part of the world and the Flexcharge products are very popular in many parts of the world with severe climates.

Installing a new site

 Another rocky site

 Equipment box with controller

 Flexchargeâ„¢ controllers are the controllers of choice for research projects around the world.

Sensitive data recording equipment is not affected by the Flexcharge Controllers because there is no RFI generated in the controller as is common on many others.

Extremely high efficiency was a design goal for all Flexcharge controls.  Little or no heat is dissipated from the controllers so all of the generated energy can be used.

No matter if your system is a simple battery maintenance system or a large main power source, you will benefit from the efficiency and dependability of our products.