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   Flexcharge™ Divert Pad Kit

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When a divert load is required on a system it is always nice to be able to have the diverted power perform a service.  The Flexcharge divert load pad makes it possible to transfer the heat from the charging system to a liquid. Usually water.  Rated at 30 amps at 12 volts, it will produce 360 watts of heat.  It is unique because no mounting hole is needed in the tank.  An existing water heater can be used even if there are no extra element ports in the tank.  Size is 5 inches by 7 inches by 1/16 inch.

The heat pad must be installed on a clean metal tank where the liquid to be heated is always on the other side of the tank wall. Any other metal surface can be used as long as there is liquid on the other side of the surface such as a metal boat hull if you only need to dump the energy.

The heat pad can be used as a divert load or by itself as a heat pad on any tank by connecting it to a 12 volt battery.

The kit includes the heat pad with an adhesive back, a squeege, sand paper to clean the surface, and a tube of sealer for the edges of the pad.

One year warranty covering materials and workmanship to the original owner.  A copy of the invoice is required when making a warranty claim.

Divert pad inst.pdf

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 Flexcharge™ controllers are the controllers of choice for research projects around the world.

Sensitive data recording equipment is not affected by the Flexcharge Controllers because there is no RFI generated in the controller as is common on many others.

Extremely high efficiency was a design goal for all Flexcharge controls.  Little or no heat is dissipated from the controllers so all of the generated energy can be used.

No matter if your system is a simple battery maintenance system or a large main power source, you will benefit from the efficiency and dependability of our products.