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Flexcharge NC--L-- Family of Combination Charge-Load Controllers  Print this page

NC12L12 Photo

The Flexcharge NC12L12 (shown here) is the standard controller from this family of Controllers.  These controllers are designed for the PV user who require the highest levels of system dependability, lowest battery watering maintenance, Longest life from flooded lead acid and gel battery technologies. 

For Lead Acid GEL, AGM, and Flooded cell Batteries.  Do not use on Lithium batteries of any type.

These controllers are in use around the world including the USA, Saudi Arabian Deserts, to Antarctica ( See the Customer Projects Link).   With these controllers performing dependably in those locations, you can be assured it will work for you.

As with all Flexcharge controllers The NCxxLxx Controllers are designed using the latest proven surface mount technology components.  Low standby power consumption is achieved in these controllers with a 6mA typical parasitic current.  Each controller is tested for proper operation prior to being placed into its shipping container. 

The complexity and quantity of status indicators were intentionally kept to a minimum on the NC12L12. The two dual color LEDs smartly show when the batteries are being charged by the green section of the top LED. When the controller is regulating the RED section of the top LED shows RED. When the load is ON, the lower LED will glow Green, and when the controller is in Low Voltage Disconnect, the lower LED will glow red.  

The NCxxLxx use the Flexcharge Charge method described at this link for superior battery operation.

The circuitry is designed to ignore numerous types of false inputs from stray light sources.

Unlike a number of controllers on the market the NCxxLxx controllers switch power to the Positive Side of the Load and the Battery Charging connections.  This allows the user to connect all the system grounds to one location rather than running a separate wire for PV-, Load- and Battery- to the controller, a feature that is required for UL approval.

One small but convenient feature not found on competitors controllers but is included with the NC12L12 is the Manual Low Voltage Disconnect RESET Circuit. This function is also used to test the load circuitry after the installation is completed, and / or when The Low Battery Disconnect circuitry is active. To activate the RESET circuit pass a small magnet over the RED Low Battery Symbol. The load will also illuminate briefly indicating that the Load Circuitry and Low Battery Voltage Disconnect circuit is functioning properly.

  • Waterproof packaging.
  • Works on GEL, AGM, Lead ACID and Ni-Cad Flooded cell batteries. 
  • Reverse polarity protected on battery wires. 
  • Easy to read LED indicators clearly display the controller's status. 
  • High efficiency charging circuitry. Insertion Loss resistance of only 0.080 Ohms on 12A Model, 0.008 Ohms on the 30A model. 
  • Field select for 12V or 24V operation. Shipped ready for 12V systems, simply cut a wire jumper for 24V 
  • Order with Load ON at Dusk, OFF at Dawn operation, Load Flashing,  or Load always ON. 
  • Low battery voltage Load Disconnect (LVD) and automatic LVD reset at dawn (A SES Flexcharge Patented feature). 
  • Manual Load Test / LVD Reset magnetically operated switch located under the load status indicator. Easily reset the LVD circuit after installation and test the controller's load circuitry. 
  • Delayed Low Battery Disconnect to prevent disconnect during momentarily high load currents. 
  • Delayed Dawn sensing circuit to prevent load switching during momentarily bright light levels (i.e. Lightning flashes, vehicle lights). 
  • Small enclosure 3"H x 3"W x 1.5"D + mounting feet. 
  • Temperature Compensation. 
  • High current models (NC30L12, NC12L30, & NC30L30) 30 ampere charge and/or load capacities. 
  • Integral Digital Load Timer. Use with Dusk to Dawn Model. Starts timer at dusk then turns the load OFF after the selected time has elapsed. Set Run times up to 7.5 hour in 1/2; hour increments or 15 hours in or 1 hour increments, includes Dawn Override. 
  • Integral Load Flasher circuitry. Order flash repeat times from 0.25 sec to 10 sec with ON-Times from 0.1 sec to 5 sec.  Specify when ordering. 

NC12L12 Operating Characteristics 
12V Selected 
24V Selected 
Regulated Peak Charge Voltage 
Charge Reconnect Voltage 
PV Voltage at Dusk - Load ON 
PV Voltage at Dawn- Load OFF 
Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) 
Auto LVD Reset (continuous ON mode) 
Auto LVD Reset (Dusk to Dawn mode) 
With Charge LED ON 
With Charge LED ON 
Controller Parasitic current 
Load ON 
Input Voltage/Current Limits (12A Model) 
PV Voltage 
Battery Voltage 
Charge Current 
Load Current 
Fuse Rating (Max) 

Charging Algorithm Explained

 NCxxLxx Manual.pdf

Where to buy

 Flexchargeâ„¢ controllers are the controllers of choice for research projects around the world.

Sensitive data recording equipment is not affected by the Flexcharge Controllers because there is no RFI generated in the controller as is common on many others.

Extremely high efficiency was a design goal for all Flexcharge controls.  Little or no heat is dissipated from the controllers so all of the generated energy can be used.

No matter if your system is a simple battery maintenance system or a large main power source, you will benefit from the efficiency and dependability of our products.