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The Flexcharge™ Real Time Programable Timer is a 24 hr, 8 event ON 8 event OFF, clock based programmable 8A load controller.  Multiple Load ON and OFF times are programmed into this real time clock controller.  Each day can be programmed with its own unique timing pattern.  Eight  ON and eight OFF events can be programmed independently.  Example;  Use one ON event to  have a light come on at 7pm every day then use seven different OFF events to turn the light OFF at a different time each day.  This controller may be used in conjunction with the Flexcharge NCxxLxx or Night Watchman to have the load come ON at dusk, then shut OFF at a pre-programmed time or turn back on before morning and then OFF at dawn. 
  • Internal battery maintains clock and programmed memory for up to 3 years with no external power. The battery will not operate the timer.
  • Consumes less than 5mA in standby mode.  
  • Drives up to 8A Inductive Loads (motors or lights with ballasts) or 16A Resistive Loads.  
  • Isolated relay contacts allow user to directly control up to 240Vac Loads  
  • Reverse Polarity Protected.  
  • Manual override allows the user to manually turn the load ON and OFF as desired.  
  • Easy to Use Terminal Block for simple installation. 
  • Easy programming of timer functions. 

The clock circuit of the timer must have 12 volts to operate it but the timer will switch any voltage up to 240AC volts.  Because the clock only draws 5mA in standby and 45mA when the load is on, you can operate the timer from a 12 volt battery of the system but then switch any higher higher voltage.  This works well on 24 volt DC systems.  Contact us for additional alternative methods of operating the timer on higher voltages.

The timer is not waterproof so it must be mounted in a protected area

 Operating Voltage  10.5 to 15 volts
 Switched voltage  0 to 240 volts
 Power consumption  5mA standby, 45mA under load
 Internal Battery Life  Up to 3 years.  (CR2032)
 Load terminals  One Normally open, One normally closed
 Temperature Range  -10C to +60C Temps above or below this range could affect the accuracy of the clock but the timer will still operate.
 Dimensions  4 inches by 4 inches by 2 inches including mounting tabs and terminal strip.  6 oz.
 Limited Warranty  One year on materials and workmanship

Operating and wiring manual

Where to buy

For memory battery replacement see our page FAQ

 Flexcharge™ controllers are the controllers of choice for research projects around the world.

Sensitive data recording equipment is not affected by the Flexcharge Controllers because there is no RFI generated in the controller as is common on many others.

Extremely high efficiency was a design goal for all Flexcharge controls.  Little or no heat is dissipated from the controllers so all of the generated energy can be used.

No matter if your system is a simple battery maintenance system or a large main power source, you will benefit from the efficiency and dependability of our products.